Power Pleasure Performance

Through radical self love

Are you ready to:

Take responsibility for your own health and well being

Learn what it actually means to feel and perform your best

Move past chronic pain, injuries and trauma

Learn to know, love, and live as your authentic self

Listen to and trust your intuition and inner guidance system

Step in to your power as a fully expressed woman 

I will teach you how to:

Truly nourish your body, mind, and spirit and treat nutrition as an act of self love


Understand and heal your hormone cycles leaning into the power of your feminine cyclical nature


Use your cycle to optimize your fitness, your training, and your health


Work with patterns of fear, self sabotage, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back


Develop the habits, routines, and rituals that YOU need for success


Listen to your body. Be in the present moment. Work with your breath as your most powerful tool


Balance your feminine and masculine forces to unlock your inner super powers


Manifest your wildest desires and dreams with confidence, patience, and grace

We will use the pillars of:


This is not a diet or a meal plan. This is not a one size fits all approach. This is an education, an awakening, a remembrance of your truth, who you are at the core, and use that to gain access to what is meant for you. What are you truly capable of? This is a dive deep into the physical and metaphysical aspects of your health. You will learn how to make the choices that are nourishing for you. (and why you sometimes don’t) You will learn what it actually means to do it “like a woman” and why society hasn’t taught us this way. In this program you must be willing to “go there,” to open, to learn, to remember, to trust in the process over and over and over again.  Are you ready to show up for yourself like the worthy, badass, goddess that you are? I will be your teacher, your coach, your guidess, your wing-woman, your cheerleader, your shit-caller, and your witness.
What’s included:
  • Bi-weekly 1 on 1 video coaching calls – nutrition, training program, self-love, processing and massive support check in
  • For my athletes: Custom training program to help you reach your paddling goals
  • In-depth nutrition coaching education using the Precision Nutrition coaching app – daily lessons and accountability
  • Unlimited email and messaging communication
  If you are ready to take the next step, use the button to book a free session. I’d love to chat and see if this program is right for you.



I admire Seychelle as an athlete, and then when I started to learn more about her, her approach to nutrition, lifestyle, and all the inspiring things she shares, I decided to work with her. She is very knowledgeable and well prepared on various topics: nutrition, sports, performance, meditation, relationships, the human body, sleep, stress management, and more! The biggest struggle with my health journey was working too much. I was stressed and sleep-deprived. Over our time working together, I started to prioritize, meal plan and prep, schedule trainings, and using a habit tracker helped me organize and keep track of all the things I needed to do to accomplish my goals. I feel stronger and leaner. I’m much better at time management, and I’m more productive. I’m finally in my dream relationship, and I also got promoted at work! I appreciate Seychelle’s availability. I was sad one weekend, and she sent me a beautiful message; she supported me and made herself available for a call. I loved that, and it made me feel better.

Victoria Morales

Victoria Morales

I greatly admire Seychelle’s SUP achievements and wanted to learn from the best, which carried over to my health and fitness. The struggle in my health journey was always getting out of my own way. I was convinced I could not change. I now know I can. I can sometimes be lazy and slide back into old habits, but now I have the tools, knowledge, and BELIEF I did not before. Since our time working together, I am most proud of my weight loss and removing the constant negative feedback loop I was in. I look good, feel good, and that’s magic. I most appreciate Seychelle’s trust. It was a very open and trusting relationship for me; it still is.


Francesca H.

I decided to work with Seychelle because I was in a moment of my life in which I did not feel good about how I looked. I hated my body and did not know how to eat healthily. Working with Seychelle, I learned how to listen to my body and how to love myself. Now, I love my body and know exactly what to eat to achieve my goals. What I appreciate the most about Seychelle is that she is ALWAYS supportive even when I screw up. Seychelle supported me very much!


Valeria Hirsch

I feel a lot more confident as I understand where I should focus my energy, both in training and everyday life. It’s been a tough year where training has had a bit of a back seat, but the areas where we have spent time have been really helpful in getting me through this time. This has impacted all areas of my life.


Sam Burgess-Allen

I decided to work with Seychelle because I wanted to lose weight, but I felt overwhelmed in life and needed direction. I’ve always struggled with binge eating and feeling like I’m constantly running around. Over the time we’ve worked together, I’ve become more mindful of my eating and making good choices. More importantly, I’m working on giving myself permission to slow down and doing things slower—less of a crazy workout and life schedule. More yoga, meditating and enjoying life. I appreciate the different perspectives Seychelle offers. I now know that I need to listen to what my mind and body need and give it that. I loved the entire process. Thank you so much, Seychelle!!


Angel H.