Is your calling home sister

to your Body
to your Power
to your Source
to your Self

It is your invitation to slow down,
to feel deeply connected,
intuitive, balanced, and powerful,
to recognize and worship your own divine nature
to reclaim your radiance
to remember who you are and what you came here to do.

This is not a program. It is a daily practice.
It is a celebration of life that will Revolutionize the way you show up,
the way you give and receive love,
and your relationships with pleasure, your body, the Earth, God, and magic!

I am here on this planet to experience and to live in as much bliss as a woman possibly can. (Formerly known as “living my best life.”) Never have I been closer to experiencing pleasure in every moment of life, to trusting life’s fabulous and fucked up flow as true perfection. It always has and always will be my life’s mission to share, teach, and guide others in what I learn on my journey.

Will you come on this journey with me?

I want to keep this page short and sweet.
I don’t want to pull on your pain points or for this decision to come from a place of lack.
I simply want a group of women to join me in the radical, rebellious, and self-devoting path to finding pleasure in life that I am currently practicing. 
I want a coven of women to practice magic with.
I want to help you create time in your life for You.
I want to feed you endless permission slips to be your fully expressed, authentic self.
I want to celebrate you in every step you take, forward or back, up or down, in or out.
I want you to run out of fucks to give.

I want us all, this entire group to do that for each other.
I want a place where we show up without any (metaphorical) masks on and know that we will be seen, supported, and accepted as we are.

I know this sounds radical. We were not taught that this is how women can or should show up for themselves and/or be with each other.
The Revolution is giving a big FU to the way we should do anything.

Here’s how it works/what’s included:

  • 12 months sacred container
  • 1 x monthly 1:1 support and coaching – private call – 45min
  • 1 x monthly women’s celebration circle – group call – 2 hours
  • Private space for group chat and video replays (yes, you will be asked to share and participate)
  • Daily devotional practices and rituals (several minutes each day)
  • Exclusive invite to the Revolution retreat Fall 2023 (retreat price not included)

Some of the practices and topics we will explore:

Feminine and masculine energetics – your go and flow energy – how to recognize, use, and balance these energies in your life
Rhythmic intelligence – Nature’s cycles and cosmic time keepers
Lunar cycles – moonology, manifestation and magic
Earth cycles – big picture, wisdom, gratitude
Women’s cycles – know yourself
Slowing down – hear you inner guidance, trust your intuition
Embodied movement and presence
Meditation, Journaling, Prayer, Ritual, Divination
Radical Self Love


$3333 full year – single payment
or $333 monthly

Are you ready to answer the call?

A 20 minute no stress, no obligations, complimentary chat to go over your questions and to make sure we are a good fit together.
Booking this call does not guarantee your space in the group.


Why is this a whole year?

This is an entire year because I want to experience a full turn of the wheel together, to celebrate the magic of every season together. Cyclical and deep inner work is powerful and takes patience to learn and to integrate into your life. I want there to be time to take it slow together.

Do you require a full 12 month commitment?

 I am recommending a year-long commitment. I am requiring 6 months at a minimum.

What are the dates/times of the group calls?

The group calls will be on a Saturday or Sunday at 12:00pm EST
The dates of the group calls are as follows:
Sunday October 30th
Saturday November 26th
Sunday December 18th
Saturday January 7th
Saturday February 4th
Sunday March 19th
Saturday April 8th
Saturday May 6th
Sunday June 18th
Sunday July 2nd
Saturday August 5th
Saturday September 2nd

Will the calls be recorded if I miss a session?

Yes the group calls will be recorded if you cannot make one session. With so much time in advance to schedule, I urge everyone to make as many as they can attend live

When are the private 1:1 calls?

These are booked at your convenience each month using my Calendly booking app.

What’s this about a Revolution retreat?

At the end of our year online together we will be together for the most magical and intimate time to connect and to practice together in person. This retreat will be exclusively for Revolutio members only. Date and price TBD – Fall 2023.

Is the year-end retreat mandatory?

No, but you are not going to want to miss it.

Are payment plans accepted?

Yes, both for the Revolution and for the retreat.

Does This include standup paddle training?

No, however for a select few I will have the option of adding on your standup paddle training program. If this is you, let’s discuss.

Are you ready to answer the call?

A 20 minute no stress, no obligations, complimentary chat to go over your questions and to make sure we are a good fit together.
Booking this call does not guarantee your space in the group.


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Get notified of upcoming events, 1 on 1 coaching openings, clinics, and online course offerings.

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Loves, I am seeking women to join my circle. 
There is a movement happening across the planet. 
Can you feel it? 
We are waking up. 
I've never felt so grateful, excited, or proud to be a woman. In fact I spent most of my life feeling less than or needing to prove that I wasn't less than, or feelings just plain inconvenienced for being and like I needed to work harder because I was a woman. 
And how crazy is that?!? 
(And I bet you can relate) 
All of that is changing (for women and men) right now! 
And I want to help guide you through this reclamation in the most empowered and sovereign way. 
We have so many collective and personal wounds to heal. 
Women heal in circle. When they are seen, held, and supported in community with other women. 
And when we heal, 
the world heals. 
Does this sound frightening to you? Too much...something... woo woo perhaps? 
It would have to me not so long ago. 
AND, I can't express enough how being a part of a community for feminine and spiritual emergence has changed my life. 
How much this work means to me and how differently I show up for myself as a grounded, connected, balanced human because I felt the call and had the courage to dive in. 
I'm starting a mentorship program, sacred circle, and women's revolution and you're invited to join. 
All the details are in the link in my bio. 
I'd love to chat with you more about this.
Love and magic,
#seychelleloverevolution #womenswork #womenscircle #community #tribe
Good morning. 
Daily devotional, gratitude, movement, and self love practice... 
 #sunlighthitsmelikelove #freedom #play #dance #divinemornings
Love is... the foundation 
the place from which to build your (home) relationship 
Love is... the easy part 
relationships take constant work
the best and most fun and most challenging kind of work 
Our relationship has been through several ringers recently,
loss, trauma, becoming parents, and a spiritual reawakening 
We are constantly re learning how to support, pleasure, and connect with one another. 
We grow closer and deeper in love for it. 
People often fear change
fear the people they love won't love them if the ways in which they relate to one another change. 
and that is simply not true. 
We are constantly in a state of change, growth, flow, evolution. 
To deny it is to become stuck 
To feel stuck blocks the flow of love 
truth &
are sacred
and must be practiced to be maintained 
The mantra I keep going to recently with my partner (which is repeat softly and gently to myself in my head as a reminder) is 
This drops me into my feminine, embodied presence.
It works especially well for sex 😉
(And since I know you are reading this, I love you babe! Thanks for always being open to me using our story to help elevate others) 
#loveis #relationshiptruths #progressisperfection #iloveyou
If you have one minute to pause, this video will leave you smiling. 🐢🌊🌅🙏🏻
Nature is magic. Nature is medicine. Nature connects us back to ourselves. Nature is home.
Everyone lives somewhere they can be in nature everyday. Yes a park totally counts. It doesn't have to be a secluded beach or a deep forrest. All you need is a single tree and to slow down long enough to feel yourself drop in. 
#connect #slowdown #mothernature #natureismedicine #natureismagic #sunrisesiren
Just imagine if we spoke to ourselves in the way we speak to a newborn child. 
At least once a day I tell him he's perfect, magical, wonderful, spiritual, miraculous, delightful, and so very loved. 
Just imagine...
This simple practice has the power to change your life.
I've started it. 
I say it to him. I say it to myself. 
#selflove #unconditonallove #amotherslove #youareloved
"I was wrong about home birth. It was way easier than I thought." - Husband 
Why did I share my home birth video? Why did I share such an intimate, private, and sacred part of my life with the internet? Part 1/2
Because I believe it's important 
To show what childbirth can look like when a woman gives birth on her own terms. 
To empower more women to take responsibility for their birth.
To inspire women to make choices outside the conventional medical interventions that are pushed upon us during one of the most powerful rights of passage that she will ever go through. 
For me watching positive birth videos and stories was super helpful, so I'm giving back the gift of mine. 
for all the dads and partners out there who need to see it as well. 
His role in our birth was, as you can see, the most important person present. 
For all the fear that surrounds childbirth.
I've know I wanted a home birth since I first learned of it. 
My husband took some convincing. 
He works in EMS, has delivered babies in the back of an ambulance, and had shown up at houses where things were not going as hoped.
AND as our conversation yesterday (and this video) highlighted, he admitted that when the time came, he needn't have been so afraid. 
People say to me "you're brave to do a home birth." And I feel the exact opposite. I think going in to a hospital, for any reason other than a true emergency is terrifying (which the natural process of child birth, certainly is NOT an emergency, nor terrifying) 
Can things go wrong, sure. 
Can it turn in to an emergency, sure. 
And preparations can be made for this. 
BUT, the statistics of a low risk pregnancy needing "medical intervention" are SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER for home birth than for a hospital birth. 
Meaning, you increase your chances of needing medical intervention by being in a medical facility.
Continued in part 2
*full video in previous post 
#homebirth #childbirth #givingbirthisnatural
Why did I share my home birth video? Why did I share such an intimate, private, and sacred part of my life with the internet? Part 2/2
Because our birth was free of complications. For some this is not the case and for me this is all the more reason to share it. 
Birth can be complication free. 
It can be the most empowering experience of your life. 
It can also be the least empowering.
The maternal care system especially in this country is designed to take the power away from its people. And many relinquish that responsibility so quickly and freely because we are conditioned by fear to do so,  and because we do not want to put in the work that it takes to get educated or assume the responsibility for our own health and well-being. (whether bringing a new life into this world or otherwise)
Giving birth, becoming a mother, is the second of 3 major rights of passage a woman can go through. (1st being menstruation, and then menopause) 
A rite of passage and how she is guided through it is what shapes her views of how she should/can handle everything after that point. 
So for example during birth if she is told that she cannot handle the pain of labor, that her body is not fit to birth, or that she should just be complacent and do whatever the doctors say, that someone other than herself knows better than she does her own body, that she should sacrifice herself in the name of her child or of safety, none of that is wrong, and ALL of that is exactly how she will be conditioned to be as a mother.... 
While it is important to prepare for all possibilities, it's also important to prepare for and hold the vision of how you DO want your birth to go. 
Education and research are essential for pregnant families. Watch videos, read books, get a doula, join a mama group and get educated! 
I am not trying to shame anyone for their choices. My wish is simply that women know that they have choices when it comes to their birth experience. And that they make educated ones. 
Yes, even "high risk" women. 
If your doctor says otherwise, you are fully entitled to speak to a different doctor or midwife, and please please do your own research. 
WARNING graphic video- do not watch if that will offend you ⚠️ 
My Birth Story
After 2 weeks of frustrating and discouraging prodromal (start/stop, "it's happening! No, it's not") labor, 
On march 15, one day after my "due date" the surging started and it didn't stop. 
Everything was ready. It had been for weeks.
I put on my birth play list, essentials oils, and spent several hours dancing, swaying, rocking, and journeying within my body. 
We went for a walk, had a picnic, and it started to rain. 
Things got intense. 
I remember describing the surges as "excruciating" and "nauseating" and also knowing it was just the beginning. 
I took a bath filled with rose petals.
I felt like a birthing goddess. 
Will squeezed tight around my hips during every surge to relieve some of the pressure in my pelvis. (He did this for the next 9 hours.)
Things started escalating rapidly. Our Midwife and doula arrived around 9pm and I got in the birthing pool around 11. 
I would vomit after the hardest of the surges. (I actually preferred the puking to the contractions)
I was so grateful for all the practice I've done breathing and relaxing my body between surges. 
Labor was more intense (and agonizing) than I expected but I never felt as if I couldn't handle it. 
Soften, open, surrender.
I position I found the most "comfort" in was on my knees with my head, chest, and arms laid over the couch or over the side of the birthing pool with Will squeezing my hips. 
I moaned, a primal birthing call. 
Outside a storm was raging. I remember hearing the strength of the wind and rain, the thunder and lightning. 
It was midnight and I remember feeling tired and falling asleep between some of the surges.
I kept repeating my calming birthing affirmations, but at some point I stopped trying to remain calm while riding the waves. 
I started crying. My primal moans turned into wild wails 
And then, I started to push...continued in the comments
You know how reading a book can change your life? 
I read/listened to 28 books in the last year. 
What do you think? #Isknowledgepower? 
#nerd #alwayslearning #selfeducated #transformation
#Homesweethome. Spend the weekend in CO gathering with my sisters from 
So grateful to be a part of this community of woman. So grateful just to be a woman.
Feeling like I have a "love hangover" (also worn out from solo travel with baby)
so I headed straight to the beach and jumped in the ocean
then laid belly, face, and tits down in the sand and sunshine. 😁🌞💛
#perfection #wildwoman #mamaNature #grounded  #sisterhood
I am in the best place I have ever been in my life right now.
Yes because I am ecstatic in my new role as a mother 
AND because 
This👇🏻 is how I feel every day when I wake up:
Life is perfect 
In every way 
Everything is a gift.
Honest to god 
And not because everything is 'actually' perfect.
Life is life.
It's a nut house.
but because
I trust it
whole heartedly 
is unfolding exactly as it's meant to.
I also trust my body
and I trust my self.
Okay yes also because of this beach and witnessing the sunrise each morning, but that part I have had in my life daily for a long time.
How did I get here? (Lucky girl, you say?) 
I believe in choices, not luck.
Believe me, I've been through the ringer too.
Absolutely everything is a choice. 
And when we take radical responsibility for that, we make our choices with more self awareness and love. 
I always have and always will have a deep desire to share everything I learn on my journey.
I wish for every person to know this kind of  bliss. Even if only for a few moments each day. It takes practice.
And it's not all sunrises and rainbows. 
It's deep self work. 
It's navigating through dark night of the soul after dark night of the soul
And it's portal after portal 
And it's not a linear process 
And it's so worth it. 
And this is how I want to work with women this year. 
Yes sure we can still talk about training and technique and recovery, if you're a paddler and those things truly light you up. 
We will also talk about magic, and intuition, the moon, cycles, devotion, and slowing down
and many other things. 
Ladies, I'm starting a revolution. 
A love revolution.
Details are not dropping for a few weeks. 
Join my mailing list (link in bio) and keep paying attention to make sure you're notified when it starts. 
I love you
But what if one day the clouds would rise behind the sun 
And all would be illuminated 
No shadows on the earth 
What a glorious sunrise that would be 
How quickly we would all burn 
#sunworshiper #cloudlover #shadowworker #lightteacher
#Bestillmyheart #BabyRi 
I keep various affirmations, quotes, and love letters placed all over my house. Today this one fell off the fridge at my feet. 
So here it is.
And the question or journal prompt for you to ponder: 
Where in your life or In what ways do you give your power away? 
And by this I mean, where/when do you let other people's acceptance or approval determine your decision making? 
Or where/when do you let other people's acceptance or approval determine how you show up? 
And where/when and/or how do you know  your self, do you trust your self, to guide you? 
Opening this account was a big step for me along these lines as I was definitely letting myself feel influenced by the thousands of folks who follow me only for standup paddle. 
And that's wonderful and it's a big part of who and why I am. 
But it's only one part. 
I knew I didn't need to show up in any way other than what felt true, and still I let perceived expectations, years of building a certain image, stifle me both as an athlete and as a coach. 
So, here we are
How does this resonate with you today? 
Oh and Happy fullmoon in Aquarius!
Full moons provide amplified space for letting go. So in case you have some answers to the journal prompts above that you'd love to release, today would be a great day to ask for help letting go. 🌝💛🤗
Friends I didn't make a plan for this account. Ha. 
No big 9 image post or an outline of what I want to post first. Nothing to make sure it looks good, flows nicely, or gains followers. 
Like usual, I jumped in head first. When I know what I want, I go for it. 
The hilarity is, a second account is exactly what I said I didn't want to do for quite a while and then, boom, something shifted (I went through quite a portal this weekend) and rather than plan, and prep, or even Think to much about it, here I am. 
And it Feels good. 
This is a huge reflection of the work I've done on perfectionism. Letting go of things needing to be "ready, "perfect, or part of a "plan and getting upset when they don't go accordingly. (Sound familiar? And how much more energy that takes!) 
Where in your life is your perfectionist getting in the way of your progress? (fun journal prompt for you this morning)
Let's just see what comes up when I post when I just share whatever I feel like for a while. 
Sunrise this morning was epic (photo for sure not giving justice) behind a veil of Saharan dust. 
This, my journal, my breath, a cup of cacao, and embodiment movment. These are my morning rituals. Oh and a skinny dip!
Not every morning, (obviously I have a newborn) but whenever I can. 
What are some of yours? 
#goodmorning #morningrituals #saharansunrise
I've started a new account my loves! It's about time! Actually it's way over due. As I have expanded in my capacity to love and to lead outside of the realm of standup paddle, I've outgrown my @seychelle.sup account. 
I will still keep it. I will still continue to post about all things SUP, upcoming clinics, online Lives, technique, trainings, adventures, and retreats. 
And for those of you who have noticed (and if your paying attention, how could you not) that a large part of my passion is now about sharing the spiritual seeking, consciousness expanding, connection feeling, moon following, heartgasming, cyclical and sacred nature of life, please follow my new account where I can share more openly and feel more in flow with my online presence. 
I've been struggling with showing up on social media for a while now. It's been an on again off again relationship for sure. 
And for good reason. 
I'd rather be living my life than trying to capture it. 
And so even though I've tried to make SeychelleSUP a true and full expression of my life and my offerings, it's simply just not so. 
I sensor myself frequently as to stay on-brand. 
And it's left me feeling sticky and resisting social media. 
SO, if you are here for SUP and only SUP and you love my technical tips, my Lives, following my racing and training, then please continue to follow me @seychelle.sup 🏄‍♀️ 🌊💙💪🏻
IF you also love learning about and your heart yearns for more 
magic, sisterhood, god, growth, love and all the wuu wuu in between... (yes men are welcome too😘) then please also follow me 
With all my love and gratitude,