Seychelle Riding for SIC Maui in 2021

I am SUPER STOKED to announce that I will once again be a part of the @sicmaui ohana and global team for 2021!!! It’s my fifth year riding for SIC, and I couldn’t be more proud. With all major events canceled in 2020, it was a nerve-wracking year to be a professional athlete.

I think it was even more nerve-wracking for the brands that work so hard to support this industry, our sport, and its athletes. SIC stood by me. And even with everything going on for me and my current quest for parenthood, they’ve offered to stick by me again, proving that it truly is about #ohana! (which means family in Hawaiian)

I love my SIC Maui ohana! I love my RS race board even more! I love that they are always innovating with integrity and the highest quality construction. I love the new 2020 line of surfboards. (This year, I learned how to surf a longboard.) And I can’t wait for the 2021 designs to arrive! (I think mine is on its way right now!!!)

Stay tuned for bi-weekly #talkstories on the SIC Maui channels, where I’ll be sharing my favorite tips for all levels and styles of paddlers. The first one airs on 1/21.

I am looking forward to an incredible year ahead. Whatever it may bring!

Thank you, SIC!