Hi I’m Seychelle!

I am a world class athlete, coach and mom.

I am a trailblazer, a rebel, a health nut, and a manifestress.

I am a 2 x World Champion standup paddle athlete, the current fastest woman in the World on SUP, as well as an ultra endurance distance paddling master, and Guinness World Record holder.

I am a certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and licensed USCG 100 ton Master.

I help athletes paddle faster, longer, and pain-free, gain confidence, and Love the Process.

A bit of my story

I was born and raised in the Florida Keys. My parents were sailors and from a very young age, I was inspired with a deep love for the ocean and travel. I grew up on the water and played soccer all through my school years.

I never did what was expected of me and rarely did what I was told. My deep seeded disdain for conventional society and quest for an alternative lifestyle started at a young age and is what fueled most of my life and my successes in it.

Coach Seychelle and Family

After high school I took off hitchhiking around the US. I tried college and decided it wasn’t for me. I joined a sailboat headed around the world and sailed for several years to many places working as crew on yachts and cruising on boats of my own.

I was married and divorced and moved back to the Keys in need of a transformation. It was then I discovered SUP.

My journey to greatness has been nothing short of a rollercoaster of triumphs and tragedies and one I am very much still on.

Your typical type A personality, (the unbalanced masculine qualities) hyper competitive, overachiever, workaholic and never satisfied, yet determined to do it “my way,” created a pattern of self-destructive behavior in order to prove myself. Under nourishing my body, getting fixated on results, endless anxiety over what people think of me that led to a body, mind, and spirit under severe, chronic stress.

I suffered acute, chronic, and traumatic injuries in my athletic journey and miscarriages in my fertility one. I healed and grew through them all with holistic physical and metaphysical healing and radical self responsibility for my health, something I believe this world needs more of. 

I beleive that Life provides us with exactly the experinces we need to become the person we are meant to become, that everything happens for a reason, and that our greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities for growth. 

I coach women SUP athletes to increase their self-knowledge, self-care, intuition, and grace in their athletic journey.  I help women feel powerful, connected, balanced, and whole through the process of achieving their goals through Holistic Paddle Coaching

I created the SUP STROKE SCHOOL and the Seychelle SUP app to help all SUP athletes paddle faster, longer, and pain-free, gain confidence, and Love the Process.

I currently reside in Melbourne Beach, FL with my Husband, my son, and our dog. I love the ocean, being in nature, following the moon, paddling, training, surfing, relaxing, long walks on the beach, eating healthy food, nourishing my body, dancing, sunshine, learning, growing, and feeling gratitude for every blissful and awful moment of Life.

Stoked and Grateful,

Coach Seychelle