Seychelle talks emotional wins, heated buoy turns and why she’s never been busier

Seychelle is a Paddle Monster coach, the reigning APP world champion and current world number two on the SUP Racer World Rankings.

The Floridian has also won the famous SUP11 City Tour three times, including an emotional, come-from-behind victory in 2018, which we chat about on today’s episode of Paddlecast: Quarantine Edition. Ironically, the Seychelle has been more active than ever now that she’s technically out of a job. You can find her doing daily live shows on Instagram and Facebook.

Sign up for Seychelle’s coaching program on, follow @seychellesup on Instagram and tune in to the Paddle Monster Facebook page for their daily live shows.

And check back in another 24 hours for the next episode of Paddlecast featuring Casper “Viking” Steinfath.

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