Hi I’m Seychelle!

(Yes, that’s right. Just like Cher and Madonna, I only have one name)

I’m a water-loving, world-travelling, self-proclaimed weirdo and world class athlete! I believe we all have super powers and an inherent ability to achieve our goals. I help women uncover their inner champion and start living the life of their dreams.

  • 2019 APP Standup Paddle World Champion
  • Guinness World Record – 24-hour Greatest Distance SUP
  • 3 x SEA Paddle NYC Champion
  • 3 x SUP 11 City Tour
  • Grand Champion 3 x Chattajack Champion
  • Certified – Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor
  • USCG Licensed – Master

A bit of my story

was born and raised in the Florida Keys. My parents were sailors and from a very young age, I was inspired with a deep love for the ocean and travel. I grew up running and playing soccer. I always dreamed of being a professional athlete.

By the end of high school, sports had taken a back burner. I discovered plant medicine, started asking questions, and devouring books on alternative medicine and healing. After high school I took off backpacking and hitchhiking around the US. I quickly decided college wasn’t for me and joined a sailboat headed around the world. I sailed for several years to many places working as crew and owning boats of my own. At 21 I earned my 100ton USCG masters license and started captaining boats. My passion was for classic wooden yachts.

Seychelle, Will & Oscar

I was married at 22 to a man who shared my passion for an alternative life and sailing. We were divorced 5 years later and our relationship from start to finish was one of the greatest lessons of my life. I regret nothing.

In 2014 at the age of 27, lost, lonely, and depressed, I moved back “home” to the Keys in need of a transformation. I started working at Paddle the Florida Keys becoming a standup paddle guide and SUP Yoga instructor. I quickly fell in love with the sport. After 3 weeks of training, I won my first ever SUP race and from that moment I was hooked. Everything inside me said “Yes!” I dedicated my life to training. I started down a path to becoming the best possible athlete that I could be. Who knew after a 10 year hiatus, I would finally become the pro athlete I always dreamed I would be.

In 2015 I earned the Guinness World Record for longest distance paddled in 24 hours.

In 2016 I became a top 10 world ranked female paddler and earned the title of female “Fastest Paddler on Earth.”

In 2017 at the age of 30, I was remarried to the most wonderful partner. I also moved to Melbourne Beach, FL and learned to surf. (Not an easy feat as a full-grown adult.) As well as started a business coaching other standup paddle athletes. I thought everything in my life was going great.

Then In 2019 I suffered a traumatic, self-induced, over-training spinal injury which threatened to end my career. As with all challenges that we face in our life, great and small, (there have been many more along my path) this too was a necessary road block for which I am forever grateful. My holistic, self-healing recovery reignited my passion and true purpose of alternative medicine and healing. I had come full circle and by the end of that same year, in 2019, I won my first world title and became a SUP world champion.

My story is far from over. I now combine my passion for living my best life with my passion for health into a platform for transformation. Using the pillars of mindset, movement, nutrition, and self-love, I help women to overcome challenges, heal from pain and injuries, nourish their bodies, and achieve everything they ever set their mind to.

I still live in Melbourne Beach with my husband Will and my dog Oscar. I enjoy paddling, surfing, lifting weights, being successful, taking long walks on the beach, eating healthy, plant medicine, metaphysics, extreme optimism, and being silly.

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

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