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Private SUP Lessons

Private SUP Lessons

Follow the link to book a private or small group SUP lesson for up to 4 people in Melbourne Beach, FL.

Private SUP lessons are customized for every individuals needs. This time is all about you and what you want to learn. We can meet at a flat water or ocean training location. We can discuss stroke technique, training, injury prevention, nutrition, specific paddling skills, and more.

Make sure to let me know what you are looking for in your booking form.


 I knew that I wanted to race and I wanted to find somebody to train me, somebody who would train me at my age too, because I’m starting late in life.  When I looked Seychelle up,  I knew right away that she was the person I would be working with. 

 I wanted somebody who would help me with my technique, my speed, and to take me serious that I really, really wanted to race. 

 Working with Seychelle I  improved dramatically. I became faster. I paddled better. My form was better. My paddling hugely improved. 

 And I created even more of a passion,  more of desire to be better and to challenge my flow. 

It was perfect. I would highly recommend it and I can’t wait to work with her again! 

Jeannie Johns

 I would never have imagined in a thousand years when I started coaching with Seychelle, that at age 56 I would end up on the start line at the Euros  with an England vest on, on team England. Thanks to Seychelle I was just so in the right mindset for that. I was there, I was ready, and I was just so engaged in it. I knew that I was not gonna win any medals. My expectations for my own performance were realistic, but I had the most life changing experience there. Being able to have the confidence to do that, that’s what’s up here (my head) and in here. (my heart) Seychelle has taken me as an athlete on that journey.  

Anni Ridsdill Smith

I can see physical results. I can see my body shape change, my muscle mass change, and my appetite and nutrition change. There are also results in my competition, but I would say the most precious result that I have is the mental results, evolving and overcoming every time. Being able to realize how we work on different levels, mental, physical, emotional is for me the most precious results I could get. 

It’s really enriching. It’s not only a sports program. It’s not only exercise and workouts to perform.There is a whole transformation on so many levels. You work on emotions, on mindset, on physical recovery, changing your lifestyle. You get tools on so many things to go where you wanna go and much further. So for me It has just been an incredible adventure. 

Rachel Massery 

I was an athlete all my life and I’ve had some really awesome coaches and I want someone who is going to inspire me to perform at my best. I feel Seychelle has that edge and intensity that I want in a coach and at the same time she is compassionate and a great listener. Seychelle coaches with such love and compassion but she also challenges us. I think that’s rare to find in a coach.  Everything she’s had to offer has great value because it’s just enriched my life in so many ways, as a woman, as an athlete, as a friend, as a spouse. She’s really given me a lot of great advice on all these areas. Thank you Seychelle!

Alice Batson

Working with Seychelle is giving me a structure and a plan to implement. To have an analyzed and really intentional plan to reach my goals has been very helpful. I know what I’m doing every time I’m going to train, whether it’s to paddle or to lift or to do cardio, there’s a plan which I think just generally makes the session better. Seychelle has even helped me identify what my goals were and why. 

I really appreciated her energy and I love working with someone who has a champion mindset and knows how to accomplish her goals over and over and over again. She really leads by example. As a result I am thriving in working with her and have gained the confidence I need to be able to achieve my goals.

Meredith Stewart 

Seychelle is really good at finding the nuanced changes I needed to make to my stroke.
My stroke is more efficient and powerful now. I now know how to ramp up my training as I get closer to competition. I’m more stable on my board. My speed is up to where I can cruise between 5.5 and 6.25 mph. That’s about .75 to 1 mph faster than before! 

Ben Bailey

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