Stand Up Paddle Coaching

1:1 Training Programs

Standup Paddle Online Training Program

Standup Paddle Coaching – For Women Only 

The Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, and Self Love Coaching you need to Manifest Massive Paddle and Life goals

  • Understand your hormone cycle and use it to Optimize your health and Train like a woman!
  • Improve your overall fitness for endurance, stamina and speed
  • Learn paddle skills and technique that work for your body
  • Fuel to perform and nourish to recover 
  • Overcome injuries and limiting beliefs that are holding back your potential to thrive

1 on 1 coaching includes

  • Custom training program written 100% for your life and goals
  • 1 on 1 bi weekly video conferencing with your coach
  • In depth nutrition coaching program and curriculum to support your workouts and recovery
  • Self love and Mindset coaching to manifest massive paddle and life goals
  • Monthly video analysis to improve on technique and paddling skills
  • Unlimited email and messaging communication

6 months program commitment



“It’s really amazing how with the right training and support, you can take on anything! I was just 13 when I started training with Seychelle’s paddling program and coaching. It’s been about two years and in that time I’ve reached goals and made improvements that I never would have alone. If you would’ve told me when I first started that I’d be paddling and placing in a 25 mile elite race as a 14 year old girl, I would’ve thought you were crazy, but Seychelle gave me the plan, guidance, and strength I needed to reach my goals and I cannot thank her enough for all that her coaching has done for me mentally and physically, both on and off the water. I am prepared to tackle any event with the flexibility and structure of the training cycles, and I know I can put forward the strongest, best version of myself. No matter where you live or what your age, abilities, or goals are, Seychelle’s coaching can really help you to take on anything!”



United States

Working with Seychelle, I was immediately struck by her passion and enthusiasm for not just racing but full, total body/mind health. At the start of 2020 I signed up with Seychelle for 1 on 1 coaching and it is probably one of the best things I have done for not only my racing and general paddling but for my overall health as well. Since signing up with her I have lost over 10 pounds of fat, my speed has increased which is all great, right? but I have received so so much more she goes above and beyond and you genuinely feel as though you are the most important client she has. I am currently training to be the first person in the world to attempt to stand up paddle board to France and the detail that she has put into my training plan has been immense and not just the physical training side but the mental, logistical, and emotional sides of doing such a long distance. I cannot recommend her enough not just for sup coaching but for a coach for all areas of your health.

Samantha R.

Samantha R.

United Kingdom

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