SpeedCoach® SUP 2

SpeedCoach SUP Model 2 is now only available with Training Pack

The original stand-up paddling performance monitor, the SpeedCoach SUP 2, offers paddlers accurate, high-contrast information about speed, cadence, glide, and calorie burn in a completely waterproof package. The Training Pack software now comes standard! Program any workout ahead of time, start and record training and race pieces “on the fly”, and upload data wirelessly to a computer or mobile device for deeper insights over time.

Whether you’re racing on the SUP circuit or paddling recreationally for fitness, we know you recognize the importance of accurately monitoring your performance with the right equipment made just for YOU. The NEW SpeedCoach SUP 2 is the perfect training and fitness tool for paddlers of all levels.

Measurements & Performance Features

The SpeedCoach SUP 2 is the ONLY performance monitor specifically designed for stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). Get immediate training and fitness feedback with every stroke you take. Now all features of the Training Pack come standard.

SpeedCoach SUP 2 with Training Pack

Take your paddling to the next level! The Training Pack software now comes standard and adds programmable workouts, detailed on-unit data recall, heart rate and wireless data transfer via LiNK™.

Programmable Workouts

Program your workout right on the unit based on time or distance. Workouts are easy to set up, save and run. This unit comes pre-programmed with 5 editable workouts. Get the most out of your training plans by programming them into your SpeedCoach.

Wireless Data Transfer

Transfer data via LiNK to your PC or Mac for review. Export data as a CSV file to Excel for more detailed analysis and charting options. Or export data as a FIT file to enable transfer to most third-party training websites, such as Endomondo, Strava, and Training Peaks. Map your paddling course, share your results with friends or coaches via Facebook and Twitter, and even challenge your fellow paddlers to a battle to improve on your results.

  • *Add heart rate belt
    *Choose your bumper color
    *Purchase additional mount
    *Add custom laser engraving?
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