Own the Day

Own the Day

7 Powerful Habits to Own the Day

One of the biggest myths of today’s age is that people experience overnight successSure, there may be a few exceptions. But for most people, success is the product of tiny habits that slowly build up and compound over time. That means you can move closer to accomplishing your goals by implementing productive daily habits to own the day.

While your ideal habits will vary depending on your sights set on, some habits can universally benefit everyone.   

1. Meditate Daily

A daily meditation practice can quite literally transform your life. Scientists have found that meditation rewires the neural networks in your brain—meaning it physically changes its structure.

MRI scans show that just eight weeks of meditation can shrink the amygdala. It’s a region of the brain associated with the fight or flight response, fear, stress, and strong emotions like rage (1).

At the same time, meditation also strengthens and creates new neural connections in the prefrontal cortex (2). This region of the brain is associated with higher-order functions including awareness, emotional control, concentration, and healthy decision making.

By rewiring the brain in these two ways, meditation can revolutionize how you navigate the world, helping you to tame stress and stay on track toward your goals with greater consistency.  

2. Detoxify Your Body

Your body is bombarded with thousands of toxins every day. There could be heavy metals in your drinking water, pesticides in your food, pollutants in the air, and toxins in your home.

Because of the impact toxins have on the brain, they can hijack your day and prevent you from achieving your goals. Heavy metals have been shown to impact memory, increase the risk of mood disorders, and compromise executive function (3, 4, 5). This means you can have a hard time paying attention, organizing effectively, and recalling key details.

That’s why it’s vital to detoxify if you want to stay focused and see your goals through to completion. Consider a daily zeolite detox for the most toxin-fighting power.

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