Start feeling really good about the way you fuel your body!

If food becomes our medicine and nutrition an act of self love, then we can learn optimum health from within. Let me show you how to do so with in depth education and mindset coaching.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Nutrition is hard. I don’t know what to eat.
  • Nutrition is confusing. I don’t know when or how much to eat.
  • I don’t know how to eat to reach my goals.
  • I try but I just can’t stay consistent.

It’s not me. It’s my…

  • Schedule
  • Family/partner/friends
  • Work
  • Stress
  • Boredom
  • Emotions
  • Cravings
  • Budget

I get it! I’ve tried it all. I’ve been obsessed with nutrition for almost 2 decades. I’ve been vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, omnivorous, anorexic, addicted, and everything in between. I’ve starved myself to look skinny. I’ve binged until I puked. I’ve overfed to gain muscle. And I’ve learned how to fuel myself through thousands of miles of training, races, world records, and world titles. And I promise you, it is and can be more simple than you realize.

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of our self-care. How we nourish our body is linked to how we feel, perform, recover, to our energy levels, our emotions, our hormones, and to our whole-body health.

And I get it. It’s not “easy.” There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. We weren’t taught these things in school. The cards are stacked against us with big industry running the show. And there’s a lot of information out there to persuade you to do it one way over another.

So what is actually true?

You will learn the facts about foods:

  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Whole vs processed foods
  • Simple, healthy meals – for all styles of eaters


  • How to truly nourish your body through nutrition
  • How to listen to your body to know what’s best for you
  • How to release old patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you.

How this program works / what’s included:

  • 2 x monthly 30min 1:1 calls
  • Precision Nutrition coaching curriculum and app
  • Daily Nutrition education delivered via email and app
  • Practical tools to practice and apply nutritional habits
  • Mindset and self-love coaching for balanced optimal health
  • Unlimited messaging with me on the app

This program is for the person who wants to:

  • Learn how to fuel their busy life.
  • Improve their athletic performance and recovery.
  • Increase their energy and improve overall health.

AND is ready to:

  • Find a deeper connection with their body by practicing self-care through nutrition, sleep hygiene, and stress
  • Release the guilt and shame they’ve been carrying for certain foods, choices, and ways of doing things, and kick these old stories to the curb.
  • Ditch the “all-or-nothing” mentality and commit to small, consistent steps over time to achieve progress.


Is this program just for Women?  – No. This program is for everyone!

What about…

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Keto
  • Low carb
  • Low fat
  • What if I’m a vegan?
  • Is this for meat eaters too?

Yes, all are welcome here. This is not a meal plan. This program does not subscribe to any specific diets or eating trends. This is a “nutrition as a lifestyle” approach.

I really just want to lose weight. Can you help?  –  While I am no longer advertising “weight loss” as a service because I believe our culture places too much value on appearances regardless of health, and that type of harmful conditioning is something I am working hard to help correct, weight loss is typically a result my clients receive once they truly start to feel better. Not because we focus on losing weight, but because we focus on whole-body health, healthy food choices, eating the right foods, eating enough food, the quality of our food, etc. Then there are other lifestyle choices like movement, sleep and stress to discuss as well. Short answer, yes. Long answer: If weight loss is your #1 goal, reach out, and let’s discuss why and how this can help.

Are you ready? 
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The Champion's Meal Book

Plant Based Recipes

Super simple, high PROTEIN, mostly plant-based recipes from a World class athlete.

The Good Inside – Fuel your full potential

Organic, Whole-food, and Plant-based Nutrition Supplements, Detox, and CBD.
I trust this company so much and use nearly every one of their products
Ask me anything. I would love to help!

I feel better and have more energy than before.
Thanks for the supercharge month. I have really come to enjoy the protein/sgj




I’m a huge fan of the protein smoothies and Seychelle’s recipes! They are all simple and fast to make, nutritious, and filling. I feel amazing after incorporating these recipes and a lot of protein into my diet! My energy levels throughout the day have greatly improved, and I’m really excited about that! The group experience was awesome! I really enjoyed meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and supporting one another through this learning experience. It blew my mind how much it helped with my ankle pain and swelling! So grateful Seychelle taught us about the benefits of CBD oil I learned a lot, made great friends, and look forward to continuing to benefit from incorporating more protein and the Touchstone products into my daily routine



Miami, Fl

Since following and meeting Seychelle in person, her energy is simply contagious. I aspired to share even one-tenth of her level of enthusiasm, carefree yet competitive approach to SUP racing. During a not-so-great off-season, I challenged myself to participate in Seychelle’s Super Charge Your Nutrition challenge. My goal was to learn more about nutrition, more specifically, how food fuels the body. As a result, I shed almost 20 pounds over an eight to ten-week period. It was more than weight loss; it had the knowledge and tools to help me make well-informed decisions.

Mikki Wilson

Mikki Wilson

This past month has been a great experience and I’m thankful that you pulled us all together, offered your advice, knowledge and support and dedicated so much of your time to the webinars and answering questions. I do feel more energy after taking the SGJ for a month and I also found the added information in the smoothie recipe book, and your recipe book, to be really supportive. I also found when I had cravings, I told myself that I invested in the SGJ for a reason AND I thought about the rest of the group following through, so I had to as well.




I love the smoothies ! It really spurred me to reinvigorate my relationship with things I love – green, fruits, vegetables, water sports, and tennis.



United States