New Year, New Mindset


Starting off the new year feels so good. 

I did a lot of reflecting last week, as you do at the end of the year, and I had a huge breakthrough I want to share with you. A mindset shift I’ve been working on for years that 2020 helped blossom into reality.

The fastest way to reach your goals is to slow the ef down. From the quote, “Slowing down is the fastest way to speed up.” The best way to approach just about anything is to slow down.

I felt a bit overwhelmed by “rushing” into all the things I want to do this year. I accomplished so much last year (the year before that, the year before that). I will achieve incredible things this year too.

However, this January, rather than rush into what’s next, I’m focusing on where I am right now. And celebrating my successes from 2020 and feeling present and proud of that: a mindset of ‘I have done it!’, not ‘I’m going to do it.’ Not what’s next, but what’s right now! It’s an awesome place to be.

As a result, I’ve decided to postpone my group coaching program until March. This is the next step in growing my coaching business, and January is a great time to launch programs, but I don’t want to rush into it. I want to enjoy my success of 2020, nurture my current client relationships, and celebrate.

I’ll also continue to share a few other women’s coaches programs that ARE launching this month. Please shoot me a DM (or use the link in my bio) to book a free call for either group or one-on-one coaching. I have openings for both starting in March. Wishing you the happiest first Monday of the year!

What’s something new, a mindset you’ve been working on calling in for the new year?