“My Thai Life” – Reflections

“My Thai Life” reflections.

A new blog post –  (images posted on instagram @seychelle.sup)

Sitting down on my last day in Thailand to share some reflections from my 6 weeks spent here.

2 weeks in Pattaya for the World Championships, which I’ve already shared loads about on instagram, and then a charter boat photo shoot with SIC that I won’t soon forget.

A reunion in so many ways with the sport and the lifestyle of SUP.



Pattaya was some of my very favorite parts of my professional life.

It was competition and community, athletes, teams, and sponsors.

And it was dirty and loud and very far away and not vegetarian friendly.

I had a hard time eating and sleeping.

I was terrified of getting sick.



I won a gold medal.

I paddled to deserted beaches covered in monkeys and

I got to downwind on some rad new equipment.


After Pattaya we headed to Phuket for a week, with my family who is here the entire time with me. Phuket has been on my bucket list as long as I can remember.

Then we spent a week in Chiang Mai

A week in Chiang Rai

And a week in Bangkok


Will did 90% of the trip planning.

We mostly stayed in the cities.

One night we went glamping outside Chiang Rai and it was my favorite night of the whole trip.


This trip was an experiment in a very different way of living.


After we left Pattaya, I went back to working and started taking coaching calls and getting work done in the early mornings from the hotel.

Then often a late morning workout.

Then family time the rest of the day.

My husband takes care of Ry most of the morning and gets in a workout as well.

The afternoons have been for going on adventures in the surrounding area.

Beaches, city, jungle, temples, hikes, waterfalls, markets, and way more time riding in cabs than I am used to.


It took me a long while to settle into Thailand.

It wasn’t until after we went glamping in Chiang Rai that I felt my body settle,

that I started enjoying the food, that I stopped being afraid of getting sick.

(We did catch a cold, but no one has gotten food born illness the entire trip. 🙌🏼)


Travel is amazing and it is also very unsettling to move so far and be on a completely new schedule.

I definitely thrive on routine.

I’m also definitely not a city girl. Nor jungle. I can appreciate the energy and the beauty, but they don’t feel like mine. I am a small town and an empty beach kind of girl.


One thing I wish that I understood more about Thailand is the religion and spirituality of the land. Everywhere you look are massive, elaborate, ornate, over the top, intricate, beautiful and somewhat confusing places of worship. So many dazzling and giant golden Buddhas. Which I didn’t feel quite fit the ideal I had of Buddhism in my mind. And which I learned has more to do with the Thai culture and practice than the original teachings of Buddhism.

It was wonderful to see.

And weird.

But when I think about it, many religions pride themselves in the elaborate and ornate places of worship that have little or nothing to do with the spiritual teachings and serve only as a way to attract people and money.


Another 30 hours of travel and I am excited to be home for the holidays.

Ry has been a champ and I honestly think  he travels better (and more) than most adults.

Will is the best dad ever.

I am so blessed.

Love and Gratitude, Seychelle