I Have a Dream


That one day, people will learn to love themselves;
That we will live as our true selves.
Speak honestly from our hearts.
Believe in our own power.
Seek wholeness from within.
Know that we are enough.
Feel worthy of our wildest dreams.
And every time we look into the mirror, we will stop and say the words,
“Gorgeous human, I truly love and appreciate you.”

A girl can dream.

This level of love is possible and wonderful.
I know it because can I feel it, and
If I could put my mission into words right now,
It would be that every human on the planet could feel it too.

It can start with a simple habit.
I’ll offer you my favorite one.
Every time you look in the mirror, repeat the words, “I love and appreciate you.”

Whether you believe it or not.
Whether it hurts or it makes you cry.
Even more so, take a deep breath and repeat.
Do this for as many days, weeks, months, or years as it takes.

I am sending you so much love for a beautiful New Year!