Deep Health Coaching

Your journey to optimum health

Are you ready to:

Take responsibility for your own health and well being
Start looking, feeling and performing your best
Lose weight, gain muscle, increase your energy levels
Move past chronic pain and heal from injuries
Let go of emotional traumas and insecurities
Get back to doing the things you love pain free and with passion
I will teach you how to:

Identify and overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Nourish your body to optimum health and performance

Develop habits and routines for step by step success

Gain confidence in your ability to thrive

Truly love and accept yourself through the process

Unlock your inner super powers and achieve everything you’ve ever set your mind to.

We will use the pillars of:


This is not a diet or a meal plan. This is not easy work to do. This is a dive deep in to the physical and metaphysical aspects of your health. You will learn how to choose, plan, prep, prepare, and nourish yourself on a daily basis. Develop lasting self-care routines. Build healthy lifestyle habits. Start to show up for yourself and those around you like the worthy, badass, boss babe that you are! I will be your wing-woman, your cheerleader, your shit-caller, your confidant, and your guide.
What’s included:
•  In-depth nutrition coaching daily lessons and accountability using the Precision Nutrition coaching app.
•  Custom fitness and movement program that meets you where you are at right now and helps you to reach your goals.
•  Mindset and manifestation tools that will transform your inner and outer reality so you can start to consciously create your perfect life. 
•  Weekly video conference check ins with your coach to create your plan, monitor your process, and fully support you along the way.
•  Unlimited email and messaging communication. 
   If you are ready to make a change, have some questions and would like more information, or to see if this program is right for you, 
book a complimentary coaching consult now.



Seychelle is an inspiring world class athlete. Being in her presence, invites you to remember what true excellence means. As a coach, she invites you into her own journey to accomplish your own dreams physical, emotional and spiritual at an Olympic level. She has helped me heal from injury In every area, and brought my physical and psychological potential into reality with me as an athlete, an artist, an entrepreneur and a sentient human being. Be willing and prepared for your highest actualized self to breakthrough with this incredible champion at your side.


Camilla Webster

Museum Collected Artist and Best Selling Author

Seychelle’s balanced approach to nutrition, exercise, and recovery as well as goal setting and state mind (both on and off the water) has been amazing! I can definitely overcomplicate things and get in my own way, but she has helped me discover that there are solid and simple steps I can take everyday. These small steps are helping me achieve my goals of optimal health and a strong and injury-free body so I can continue to pursue the sports I love.

Jen Hulett

Jen Hulett

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