Exploration of Self Evolution of Sisters

Eos is a Titaness, the Greek goddess of the dawn
She who dispels darkness of the night and brings the light of day
She who renews life and revives souls
She who brings abundant wisdom, hope, strength, health and above all, Love 

Do you put massive amount of pressure on yourself to perform, impress, and achieve?
Do you agonize over what other people think of you, your body, your work, and your life?
Do you constantly compare yourself to other women? Do you judge harshly?
Are you always trying to prove yourself? Are you always chasing after something?
Does life feel like life is one big competition? Is your worth wrapped up in its results?
Are you wondering when you will finally have “made it” and feel like you are enough?

I get it. I’ve been there. Being a hyper competitive, overachieving, workaholic determined to do it “my way,” yet never satisfied, lead to a pattern of self-destructive behavior in order to prove myself. My path to “living my best life” was riddled with chronic anxiety, stress, and injuries. This is because in modern society we have lost touch with how to create and to live in balance with our true nature. We are taught the only way to have confidence, respect, and success is to do things like a dude. Yes, you read that correctly. We feel and are valued for our masculine qualities, yet being a powerful woman means so much more and on the inside you know this! Let me teach you how to relearn, recalibrate, and rebalance yourself so that you can live and create your dream life from a place of self-love and freedom.

Eos – a 16 week group coaching program for athletic women.
Learn to optimize health, performance, and pleasure by honing your feminine powers

Eos sister principles:

  •  Self-knowledge – Wisdom & Confidence – The Science and Spirit of being a woman.
  •  Self-sovereignty – Freedom & Trust – Take responsibility for our own health.
  •  Self-awareness – Notice & Remember – Who you are truly are.
  • Self-care – Nutrition & Nourishment – The habits and rituals that fuel your fire.
  • Self-pleasure – Joy & Passion – I do this because I want to.
  • Self-love – Compassion & Kindness – How to believe in yourself.
  • Sisterhood – Support & Recognition – We are not meant to do this alone.

How this program works / what’s included

  • 8 x group video calls
    • Your feminine powers – hormones, cycling, your period, the moon, and more
    • Syncing your life and your training to your natural flow – yes, even if you no longer bleed
    • Nutrition for women: health, performance, and hormone balancing
    • Sleep and detoxification for health, performance, and hormone balancing
    • The feminine and masculine forces within and without
    • Manifesting and mastery with the moon
    • Special guest instructors
  • 4 x 1 on 1 calls to help you integrate and go over your personal program
  • 2 x New and full moon circles
  • Group messaging platform
  • Online membership portal for accessing program resources
  • Nutrition and Detox supplement package from The Good Inside – included
  • Deep discount to my SUP and Self-Love Women’s retreat in Key Largo, FL – Jan 2022

This program is for the woman who is ready to stop questioning and to just know that she is guided by god/source/life through her intuition.
This program is for the woman who is ready to know, to love, and to serve only the highest version of herself.
This program is for the woman who is ready for the destruction of what is no longer true, what is no longer serving her, and for everything that is holding her back from her bliss.
This program is for the woman who is ready to stop giving AF and to start living as the full, authentic version of herself.
This program is for the woman who is ready to stop chasing greatness, to know that she is already there, and to start simply attracting that greatness to her.

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