Paddling Into the Wind SIC Talk Stories
Paddling Into the Wind – Seychelle SUP – Talk Story Blogs
Hi Friends!  Welcome to the March edition of my monthly "How to" blog series.  I want to talk to you today about paddling in the wind. And more specifically, when you have wind coming from the side.  I'm going to talk about the tips and techniques that you can use when you…
Anxiety Check
How to Manage Anxiety – Seychelle SUP Talk Stories
Hello and welcome to my second "How to" blog post of the year. A new monthly edition to Seychelle SUP for 2024!  I'm going to talk to you today about anxiety. Whether that's race day anxiety, start line anxiety, or just general - anxiety. A little bit about what that is, why we have…
How to Paddle Faster
How to Paddle Faster – Seychelle SIC Talk Stories
Hello and welcome to my first "How to" blog post of the year. A new monthly edition to Seychelle SUP for 2024!  Today we have a really catchy talk story title. It's “How To Paddle Faster” and I know that that was going to catch the attention of a lot of you because who…
A Look Back at 2023…
I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and Wow. What a year. Like one of those years that takes on a life of its own and unfolds in ways more beautiful and perfect than you could have imagined them unfolding yourself. “Under grace and in perfect ways” A quote I’ve taken from Yasmin Boland and…
“My Thai Life” – Reflections
“My Thai Life” reflections. A new blog post -  (images posted on instagram @seychelle.sup) Sitting down on my last day in Thailand to share some reflections from my 6 weeks spent here. 2 weeks in Pattaya for the World Championships, which I've already shared loads about on instagram, and then a charter boat photo shoot…
Food Labels Trick You
While originally intended to provide clear nutritional facts, food labels have devolved into a confusing and dangerously deceptive source of information.

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Seychelle Riding for SIC Maui in 2021

New Year, New Mindset

Starting off the new year feels so good.

I Have a Dream

That one day, people will learn to love themselves;That we will live as our true selves.Speak honestly from our hearts.Believe in our own power.Seek wholeness from within.Know that we are enough.Feel worthy of our wildest dreams.And every time we look into the mirror, we will stop and say the words,“Gorgeous human, I truly love and…

Coaching Changes PdlMnstr

2021: Paddle Monster Coaching Changes!!

Paddle Monster Coaching Change Heading into 2021, there are a few coaching changes afoot at Paddle Monster. It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Seychelle’s role will be changing in 2021. As a result, Seychelle is stepping back from her role as a paddle coach. She will be focusing on her personal health…

APP World Tour Racing Finals SUP Seychelle

Seychelle Interviewed

You’re ready to explore a life that loves you as much as you love it through healthy nutrition.