A Look Back at 2023…

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and Wow. What a year.

Like one of those years that takes on a life of its own and unfolds in ways more beautiful and perfect than you could have imagined them unfolding yourself.

“Under grace and in perfect ways”

A quote I’ve taken from Yasmin Boland and use nearly everyday in my journaling and prayers.

I am finishing this year feeling so very blessed, abundant, and grateful.

It’s impossible to encapsulate an entire year into a post or even a series of posts, however please join me as try.


A look back on 2023…


In January

I’ve been going over my journal prompts from this time last year. At the turn of the year I was really struggling with my direction in life. “Do I want to keep paddling?” “Why do I want or need to keep paddling?”

In 2022 I tried going back to racing. I also tried letting it go completely.

I wanted to do Womens work.

I also needed to make money.

I felt conflicted and uncertain.


I let it up to Life

Guide me, I asked

Show me the highest path.


I can’t say the exact turning point but I remember finding clarity in knowing that making money coaching SUP came much easier to me than anything else.


In March

I created and launched the SUP STROKE SCHOOL.

The group online stroke technique program that is now the core offer of my coaching program.


I was also hitting the peak of my self-written training program for 2 ultra distance events that I had signed up for in June.

I was struggling with this as well.

I wasn’t training or paddling as much as I “should” have been and I was considering backing out.


I joined a program called Ingonyama with @amberhawkin which I thought was going to (and did) help me become a better space holder.  But what it really did was to help me become a better wife, mother, friend, coach, and athlete. It infused the way I was showing up for everyone and everything in my life with integrity.


Honestly if I had to choose one word for 2023 it would be INTEGRITY.


How can I DO all of the things I say I am going to DO…

(•paddle hundreds of miles and for hours at a time,

•build my coaching business to be profitable and passive enough to travel,

•DIY refinish the entire interior of our home

•the list goes on)


And BE the person I want to be?

(•present with my child

•intimate with my husband

•deeply self nourished)


Some of my inner dilemmas:


“I can’t be an Athlete and honor, value, and maintain my femininity.”

Wrong. I can. I did. I am.

By replacing discipline with devotion – to my sport, training, self care, purpose.


“People keep saying I’m making a ‘comeback.’ I’m terrified of their expectations.”

I expected nothing.

I showed up.

I did my best.

I completely awed and humbled myself over and over again.


In May

Hosted my 1st ever SUP & SAIL retreat. What an amazing (learning) experience


In June

1st overall SUP in the @seventy48 and first woman to ever win the 70mile nonstop event.

1st overall solo SUP in the @crossingforcycticfibrosis and new course record for the 80 mile race.


In July

I started training for the Worlds.

I hadn’t felt this stoked to paddle in years.


I launched the Seychelle SUP app which now hosts all of my Free videos series, Drill Video Series, and SUP STROKE SCHOOL content.


In September

I stopped smoking weed

I stopped breast feeding

Parts of me that lay dormant for a long time woke up.   

I never felt so powerful


My husband took a mental health leave from work. As challenging as it is to witness his struggles without being able to help, his time off from work has been a blessing for our family and allowed me to focus even more on my goals and self.


In October

*ICF SUP World Cup sprint and distance champion


In November

*USA SUP National sprint champion

***ICF Sprint World Champion***


I didn’t set out to win any titles this year.

This is just what happened when I devoted myself to doing everything I do out of service,

to ask for divine guidance every day,

and to stay connected enough to my body and my heart to hear it.


I find life so inspiring.

I feel so very blessed, abundant, and above all grateful.


I think I’ll cap it there.

And post more about the ways in which I show differently now that I used to in a separate share.


If you’ve read this whole thing. Wow! Thank you.

Put a comment below so I know who you are and can honor and celebrate this epic year reflection with you!


With so much love, gratitude, and stoke,