A Hard-Thinking Invitation


There a multiple sides to every story.

“Facts” change. What is “Truth” is different for different people. The problem is not each other or people who speak their truth. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t make them wrong. That person may truly believe what they say. And just because someone believes something “alternative” also doesn’t make them wrong (or right).

I preach alternatives ways of thinking/living all the time. Alternatives medicine and alternatives to conventionally grown foods. (The list goes on.) To me, many of these “theories” feel better than what we are taught to believe is the truth.

Why, because I am open-minded enough and willing to listen to all sides, to do my research, to have intelligent conversations, to ask questions, to use multiple sources of information, to make my own decisions, be able to explain why to admit what I don’t know and to be seeking continually.

Even when I am afraid, when the answers are painful, or just don’t come. If we all spoke more honestly, listened more intently, and kept an open mind, the world would be a better place,
regardless of the message said.

People don’t change unless they want to. Confrontation and fighting never lead to someone wanting to believe anything you say. If you want change, you must listen to and accept all sides with tolerance and compassion for different truths.

It is only together, our combined wisdom, that will get us through this, better for it on the other side. I’m inviting you to do some deep listening to something you don’t want to hear. I find the more I think, the less I realize I know, requiring me only to speak what I truly believe.

I believe the universe is in perfect balance at all times.
That without darkness, there would be no light.
That without differences, there would be no information
That without struggle, there would be no growth.
That as fucked up as it seems, when you zoom far enough out,
everything is exactly as it’s meant to be.

Sending love and peace to all.