A Beginners Guide to SUP Yoga

A Beginners Guide to SUP Yoga

KEY LARGO, Florida – Not only is Seychelle a top stand up paddle racer, she also is an expert stand up paddle yogi. When not training for a race or world record attempt you will likely find Seychelle channeling her inner chi and practicing and even teaching SUP yoga. Not long ago, Seychelle partnered up with the folks at West Marine to come out with a beginner’s guide to stand up paddle yoga. Here are a few of her tips:

1. Choose the proper board
For SUP Yoga, your board should be between 10.5 and 12 feet long and at the very least, 30 inches wide. The width of the board is what helps create stability when you’re practicing yoga. It’s also important to have a large deck pad (the bumpy non-slip material) that covers two thirds of the length of the board. This will act as your mat and keep you from slipping off of the surface when it’s wet.

Some boards are even designed specifically for SUP yoga and have options of a full deck pad and/or extra width.

2. Enjoy the challenge
Once you are ready to begin your SUP yoga, find the center line of the board, which is usually the carry handle. The key to balance is to keep your weight evenly distributed over the center of the board at all times while you stretch.

3. Take a class
If you are new to the sport of paddle boarding and/or yoga you should definitely consider taking a class with an experienced professional for your first few times. An experienced teacher will instruct you how to paddle, where to anchor, and guide you with proper body placement during the class to ensure a safe and, most of all, fun stand up paddle board yoga experience.

4. Check the weather and water conditions
Before paddling out make sure to check weather and water/ocean conditions to make sure you will be safe. Often times the conditions may look safe but unseen currents or wind can put a damper on your experience and possibly even worse, put you in danger.

In the video below, Seychelle walks us through the basics of SUP Yoga, one of the fastest growing trends today. Take a look!