Hi I’m Seychelle!


I am a world class athlete, coach and mom.

I am a trailblazer, a rebel, a health nut,
a witch, and a manifestress.

I am a highly decorated Standup Paddle athlete, World Champion, endurance paddling queen, and Guinness World Record holder,
A certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and licensed USCG Master.

I coach athletes to feel powerful, connected, and balanced in their paddle and life pursuits.

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Sharing a tiny slice of my world with you. 
Do I need a caption for this one? 
#perfectmoments #morningsinthepark #frisbeedog #babyboy
Gemini full moon had me like... 
...There She is again. 
Omg I'm so in love with sped up embodiment reels. Thank you @leila.dylla 
#feminineembodiment #morningmovement #theresheisagain #allthefeels #geminifullmoon
Full moon morning embodiment. 
What does taking up space 
Freedom and trust feel like?
(Video sped up x3)
@lescatel @supinfun53 @mikconnectsdots @supmomma @anni_ridsdill_smith @meli.kachebi
I read a couple of humbling books this month, And you know how powerful a book can be. 
Both recommended by my dearest friend and spiritual mentress @leila.dylla 
Leila has been a great big huge part of my growth over the last two years.
She leads an online womens community called the Heart Space
It is a community of women gathering online and in person who share a common thread. A desire to feel wholeness with themselves and the divine.
The doors are open to join for one more week before they close again on the 31st. 
If you've felt drawn to join the Revolution but the pricing wasn't in your budget, take a look at @theheartspace.community .
It's indescribably valuably priced. 
I'd love to guide you in the Revolution. 
And if I can't right now, I'd love to be with you in the Heart space. 
(where I do host a bimonthly book club. next book is Marianne Williamson - Return to Love, which is one of the books I am referencing above😘) 
Love and humility,
I might be half-assing this social media launch, but I assure you my full ass is inside this creation. 
Of all the things that are hard with a baby, I find making time for social media one of the hardest. 
I typically spend loads of time crafting my captions and pouring my heart out when I have the time to do so.
I find it cathartic and I enjoy it.
But I try to not be on my phone in front of my baby. And he doesn't like not having full attention. 
So I've been rushing through my posting as of late. 
Even before baby, when time was limited Instagram is one of the first things I don't do. 
But when I'm trying to really share something dear to my heart connect, well, 🤷🏼‍♀️
I'm grateful to be a recovering perfectionist 
(as opposed to a full blown one, which would have been stressing about it.) 
I hope you enjoy this most adorable photo bomb.
I'd love to talk to you more about the pleasures of imperfection, which we will most certainly do inside of the Revolution.
Reminder that you have one week left to reach out and sign up. 
I want to hold you in Life, Love, Magic, Trust, sisterhood, Imperfection, and slowing down. 
Link in bio for the revolution. We start October 30th 😘 🍑 🤣
#photobomb #babybutt #familyshenanigans #seychelleloverevolution
Calling all witches and would be's ...
I've found my magic and I want to share it. 
I want you to remember yours too.
I want you to feel seen and supported in your full glory. (You're full fury and power too⚡️🔥)
I want a coven, a chosen family of women to practice magic with. 
In addition to magic (ritualized manifestatio) we will practice slowing down, self knowledge, intuition, celebration of mother earth, relational energetics, (go and flow) moonology, divination, devotion and more. 
The link is in my bio with all the details for the Revolution. 
The doors are open for one more week.
The magic container has been set and it will deliver,
if you are ready to receive...
Love and magic, 
#wakingthewitches #risesisterrise #coven #witchyshit #seychelleloverevolution
What I really want to talk about is magic 
Super-natural power 💥🌎💪🏻
I have it 
you have it 
The world is full of it 
We need only to remember,
to practice, and to trust.
We all entered this world believing in magic, completely open hearted, 
and slowly it has been taught, reasoned, and shamed out of us. 
What blew my mind this morning was thinking about the literal definition of super-natural-power. 
Super: especially, particularly, extraordinarily 
Natural: caused by nature, not made by humans. (unless you're a human, then I'm pretty sure you were made by humans...🤔)
Power: ability, strength, influence 
But that's the thing isn't it? We have "advanced" so far from our own nature. 
Magic to me is exactly that 
One with nature 
Knowing how to be connected, plugged in to Life
as a source of power and pleasure.
What I really want to practice and share with others is magic.
A big part of the revolution is about is magic. 
Celebrate some more 
Would you like to be a part of my coven? 
10 days left to join.
Link in bio for the revolution. 
Love and spells,
 #wakingthewitches #supernaturalpower ##seychelleloverevolution
I needed a good sunrise to resource this morning. 🥰
It's be a few days. 
And I've been feeling a bit off 
in like an Aries full moon hangover. 🤪
A comedown from his very outward energy. 
Plus I am trying to sell women's work 
which is a polarizing challenge 🙃
Plus we are moving right now. 😰
(Oh yeah and we just bought a house. 😳)
Feels like a lot. 
How are you feeling? 
Sending Sunday love that slows you down like honey 
so you can feel a little more magic today. 
Grateful to be feeling tapped back in, 
for now.😘
Does the thought of slowing down make you feel uncomfortable? 
Do you just not have the time, 
don't know how, or 
beat yourself up being "unproductive?"
I get it. I was the queen of being productive, and badass, always "getting shit done"
I felt SO uncomfortable and incapable of doing nothing.
And, I can promise you, you are missing out on SO much joy, enjoyment, and pleasure from experiences and from life by moving through it too quickly. 
What do you think/fear would happen if you slowed down? 
Where do those stories come from/where did you learn that? 
(Journal prompt these!)
In this society we glorify "busy" 
We wear it like a badge of pride 
A crown of "success"
And Why? 
when no matter how "busy" we are, we still don't ever feel like we're doing enough, never getting to the end of our todo list, don't feel successful enough, are never earning ourselves "more time." 
That's because working harder and moving faster doesn't buy us more time. 
Being present does. 
Slowing down does.
It allows us time to feel ourselves, know ourselves, and move from a place of purpose. 
Priorities become clearer
Choices become easier 
The less we do on a day to day basis, the more enjoyable life becomes. 
Did you know we often over estimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year. 
Read that again.
The irony is we drive ourselves to so much stress, we are actually less productive humans. when really if we slowed down and filled our own cups first, and moved with a clarity, devotion, and purpose to our lives, 
Mmmmmm..... life can feel soooooo much sweeter. 
Like newborn baby on a swing for the first time sweeter... seriously 
I know this doesn't sound easy. 
It takes practice. 
Daily devotion to self and practice. 
This is one of my main goals for The Revolution, 
to celebrate the fuck out of slowing down.
If any of this sounds like you, let's chat. I would be honored to help. 
Link in bio. We start Oct 30th. 
💛 and 🍯,
#selfloverevolution #seychelleloverevolution #slowdown #moveslow #recoveringproductive
Do you believe in the force? 
An metaphysical current that permeates everything, that with much practice and focus can become one with, and felt as a source of knowledge and power. Sounds a lot like god to me. 
I'm starting a Jedi counsel of women. 
You're invited. 
A long time ago, in this galaxy, women were the leaders of their communities. 
Can you imagine living in a world where the matriarch was once again revered? 
Where a woman's sensuality, sexuality,  and her menstrual cycle were celebrated?
Where a post menopausal woman felt fully whole, sovereign, and empowered.
Where all people lived fully connected to their bodies, their cycles, their own divinity, and the earth. 
I can. And I'm calling in women to help me create it. One self sourced She at a time. 
Will you join my counsel? 
Join the Revolution. Link is in my bio. 
Love and stardust,
#selfloverevolution #jedi #starwars #yodacave #seychelleloverevolution
Our conversations are one of my favorite ways of divining. 
Divination: Knowing by Intuition, God, or Supernatural Power. 
(Yup, real witchy shit. 
Professor Trelauny style)
She also provides an entire lunar guidance system that matches perfectly with our cyclical womanly nature. 
She's a keeper and a teacher of our planet's rhythmic intelligence.
Tonight is the full moon!
Not only is this my favorite time to receive guidance from conversations with the moon, 
Basic Moonology teaches us that the full moon's peak illumination helps shed light on certain aspects of our lives. Usually things that are not working so well for us. As a result it can feel overwhelming and people can get a bit "looney" at this time. 
It's is the best time in the lunar cycle to practice releasing and letting go that which you don't want to carry in to the next. 
As I sit here writing this, under the October full hunter's moon, in north GA, all the leaves are changing colors and beginning to fall. (I am camping right now in a gorgeous wooded wonderland!🍂🍂🍂)
Perfectly symbolizing what we and all of nature are being called to do at this time. It's time to shed for the winter, reflect, and let go. 
I believe one of the biggest reasons we feel so disconnected from ourselves is because we have lost our connection with nature. We are designed to cycle with her and we have forgotten how. 
I want a group of women with whom to teach, share, and practice this rhythm with month after month & moon after moon. 
My new mentorship and magic coven will contain within these lessons and so much more. It's called the Revolution. We start October 30th. 
Link in bio with all the details.  Reach out  in dms with questions. 
Love and Lunar wisdom, 
#moonology #followthemoon #lunarguidancesystem #earthmagic #selfloverevolution #seychelleloverevolution
Loves, I am seeking women to join my circle. 
There is a movement happening across the planet. 
Can you feel it? 
We are waking up. 
I've never felt so grateful, excited, or proud to be a woman. In fact I spent most of my life feeling less than or needing to prove that I wasn't less than, or feelings just plain inconvenienced for being and like I needed to work harder because I was a woman. 
And how crazy is that?!? 
(And I bet you can relate) 
All of that is changing (for women and men) right now! 
And I want to help guide you through this reclamation in the most empowered and sovereign way. 
We have so many collective and personal wounds to heal. 
Women heal in circle. When they are seen, held, and supported in community with other women. 
And when we heal, 
the world heals. 
Does this sound frightening to you? Too much...something... woo woo perhaps? 
It would have to me not so long ago. 
AND, I can't express enough how being a part of a community for feminine and spiritual emergence has changed my life. 
How much this work means to me and how differently I show up for myself as a grounded, connected, balanced human because I felt the call and had the courage to dive in. 
I'm starting a mentorship program, sacred circle, and women's revolution and you're invited to join. 
All the details are in the link in my bio. 
I'd love to chat with you more about this.
Love and magic,
#seychelleloverevolution #womenswork #womenscircle #community #tribe